Academic Decathlon

Currently over 40 schools compete in the Academic Decathlon in the state of New Jersey. Students study voluminous information related to seven separate fields of study, write an essay and give an interview. Starting team members must also give a prepared speech and an impromptu speech. Ridgefield Memorial has competed in the program since 1990. Ridgefield Memorial has had successful teams since 1996, going to the State Finals in 16 consecutive years and finishing in one the top three places in the Super Quiz competition each year. Over the past two decades, our students have literally won over one thousand awards. In 2002 the school was selected to attend the National Finals in Phoenix, Arizona as the top small school in the state and won the National Rookie of the Year Competition. In 2000 the team’s coach was selected as the National Coach of the Year Finalist. Ridgefield has been fortunate to have had its share of excellent students which has made the program so successful compared to the vast majority of participating schools in this state.

2011 State Championship Awards

15 Awards

Language and Literature

Hannah Lee-Bronze Medal

Katherine Jung-Honorable Mention

Amanda Islambouli-Honorable Mention


Raymond Turco-Honorable Mention

Katherine Jung-Honorable Mention

Amanda Islambouli-Honorable Mention

Social Science

Amanda Islambouli-Honorable Mention

Hajar Habbach-Honorable Mention


Hajar Habbach-Bronze Medal

Highest Team Scorers

Katherine Jung -Honors

Amanda Islambouli-Scholastic

Kendall Romaine-Varsity

MVP-Amanda Islambouli

State Alternate Medals

Julianene Popp-Super Quiz Honorable Mention

Sharbel Aldebein-Music Silver Medal

2011 Regional Academic Decathlon Awards

37 Awards

Division 111 Champions

Super Quiz –Bronze Medal

MVP- Raymond Turco

Overall Score Varsity Team-Kendall Romaine-Silver

State Finals-16th Consecutive Year

Starting Team Awards

Language  and Literature

Andrew Marks- Scholastic Honorable Mention


Kendall Romaine- Varsity Silver


Kendall Romaine-Varsity Bronze

Eugene Choe-Varsity Silver

Hannah Lee-Honors Gold


Chris Park- Varsity Honorable Mention

Amanda Islambouli-Scholastic Bronze

Hajar Habbach-Schloastic Bronze

Social Science

Kendall Romaine-Varsity Honorable Mention

Hajar Habbach-Scholastic Bronze

Raymond Turco-Honor’s Bronze


Kendall Romaine-Varsity Bronze

Chris Park- Varsity Silver

Raymond Turco- Honor’s Silver


Kendall Romaine- Varsity Bronze

Andrew Marks-Scholastic Honorable Mention

Amanda Islambouli-Scholastic Gold


Kendall Romaine-Varsity Gold

Amanda Islambouli- Scholastic Bronze

Hajar Habbach-Scholastic Bronze


Hajar Habbach Scholastic Honorable Mention

Eugene Choe-Varsity Silver

Ray Turco-Honor’s Bronze

Highest Team Scores

Honor’s Level-Raymond Turco

Scholastic Level-Amanda Islambouli

Varsity Level –Kendall Romaine

Alternate Awards

Language and Literature-Vicky Bravo Scholastic Gold

Economics-Serafim Kolothkitos Varsity Gold

Music-Christina Chung Scholastic Silver

Julianne Popp-Honor’s Silver

Art– Vicky Bravo Scholastic Gold

Social Science-Serafim Kolothkitos Varsity Gold


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